The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) was founded in 1977 as the Middlesex County Educational Services Commission. It has since become the largest shared-services cooperative-purchasing system in the state, with a budget of over $100 million as of 2016. Today, the cooperative-pricing system has more than 1250 participating members encompassing every county in New Jersey.

ESCNJ’s Energy Program began in December 2008 to provide aggregated electricity-procurement services to any New Jersey organization receiving public funding. The program has now expanded to offer natural-gas supply procurement and other services, such as charging stations for electric vehicles. New Jersey’s only aggregated demand-response program, it now covers every utility area in the state for both electricity and natural gas.

The ESCNJ Energy Program provides services for aggregated procurement of electricity and natural gas. The aggregated demand-response program is the only one of its kind in New Jersey. ESCNJ retains energy consultant Good Energy, which also provides consulting services for many other energy-related projects.

Members of ESCNJ and participants in the Energy Program may also use available consulting services to develop Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) programs, including Renewable Government Energy Aggregation (RGEA) programs, to generate savings for the residents of their communities.

Any organization in the state of New Jersey that receives public funding can participate in the ESCNJ Energy Program or any cooperative pricing program offered by ESCNJ.

Much like buying in bulk at a big-box store, electricity and natural-gas aggregated purchasing offers strength in numbers. By combining the electric and natural-gas usage of a variety of public organizations, the ESCNJ Energy Program can negotiate a lower member rate than the utility’s default charge, giving participants greater budgetary freedom. 

Members also have direct access to professional energy consultants who can answer questions about energy budgeting and facility efficiency. Good Energy has developed this program over the past decade and has an in-depth understanding of ESCNJ member organizations’ needs.

The ESCNJ Energy Program combines strength in numbers with individual service. Participants pay lower electricity and natural-gas rates than public organizations supplied by local utilities. Organizations may choose to contract for these services individually, but the ESCNJ Energy Program provides an all-inclusive, easy-to-implement cost-reduction framework with no out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s simple. If you’re already a member of ESCNJ, you may upload your energy bills here. [LINK needed on the “here”?] An energy consultant will collect your information and put together a program entrance plan for you. 

If you are not yet a member of ESCNJ, please download and complete this form [LINK] and send to Pat Moran, ESCNJ Business Administrator. Enrolling in ESCNJ is free, and your organization will have access to every cooperative-purchasing program offered, including the Energy Program. 

If you have questions about how to become a member, please contact us [LINK:]. 

If you’d like to learn more about the ESCNJ Energy Program, please contact us [LINK:] with any inquiries. A representative from ESCNJ will contact you to discuss your participation in the ESCNJ Energy Program. 

In a deregulated energy market such as New Jersey’s, local utilities must procure electricity at specific times of the year. While this is sometimes disadvantageous to customers receiving default service, it creates an opportunity for energy-aggregation programs, such as the ESCNJ Energy Program, to secure lower prices for its members. 

In addition to reduced costs, the ESCNJ Energy Program offers members stable, reliable pricing, avoiding the pitfalls of utility pricing subject to volatile markets, such as natural gas. By creating purchasing groups within each electricity and natural-gas utility area, the ESCNJ Energy Program can take advantage of aggregation and key purchasing times to secure the best prices for members. Along with their expert knowledge of market timing, ESCNJ energy buyers also extensively analyze the benefits of different purchasing terms to provide members with the greatest advantage.

Demand Response is a program designed to reward reduced electricity use during times when the grid is strained. If your facilities are able to curtail their usage when notified, you’ll receive money to compensate for your reduction. It really is that easy! 

There are many ways to participate in demand-response programs, and ESCNJ specialists can help you devise a demand-response plan that works best for your facility’s needs. 

For more information, visit the Demand Response page. [LINK:]